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Mission and Vision


To create a dynamic alliance of smallholder farmer organizations, or ‘SFOs’, that promotes organic farming and processing and marketing , to uplift the welfare of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe through participatory ecological land use planning and management.


To see improved livelihoods of organized and empowered smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe practicing sustainable and viable ecological agriculture


Integrity: To be honest, reliable and upright in our conduct as well as to stand for what we believe.

Mutual trust: Cultivate confidence and self-reliance among smallholders to avoid hurting each other.

Equal partnership: Treat every member equally with the same rights irrespective of their region, gender, age or beliefs.

Transparency and accountability: Openness and truthfulness in our conduct and being answerable to one another and to others.

Respect: Holding high opinion of each other and of others, valuing each other and nurturing the esteem of fellow organic smallholder farmers as well as keeping our promises



ZIMSOFF main activities are centered on Organic agriculture, Natural resource management, Lobbying and advocacy of policies in support of sustainable ecological land use, product value addition and seed bulking of open pollinated varieties. ZIMSOFF seeks to

  1. To attain a functioning structure for ZIMSOFF at all levels that guarantees its on-going growth and development
  2. To enhance smallholder farmers’ voice to influence policy reform towards community seed sovereignty.
  3. To work with other stakeholders to ensure increasing spread of the practice of agro-ecology
  4. To develop and disseminate a range of case studies on agro-ecology, seed and food sovereignty, and climate change adaptation/resilience that can influence policy makers at different levels