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Membership of Zimbabwe Small Holder Organic Farmers Forum.

The ZIMSOFF membership is drawn among farmers who are practicing sustainable agricultural practices such as agro ecology and organic farming. The farmers are empowered with leadership and technical skills at local, regional and continental levels. These skills also used to engage and cooperate with various policy makers within the entire agricultural value chains. It is critical that farmers are given a space to express their democratic right and to hold governments accountable to fulfilment of their socio-economic rights. This also entails farmers being pro-active in determining their own farming practices, their own type of food they want to produce with their own farming practices and what to consume and sell to other regions.

ZIMSOFF has membership of 19000 individuals all over the country, Members are engaged mainly in agricultural activities which are scattered in the following districts/Province:

It is organized in four regional clusters as stipulated below, each cluster has an average of 20
smallholder farmer organizations (SFOs) with varying membership.

  1. Central Cluster Masvingo and Midlands Provinces total members are 10,000.

Farmer leader: Boas Mawara

Contact: +263 712 326 126



  1. Western Cluster covering Matabeleland North and South total members are 3000

Farmer leader: Mathildah Khupe

Contact: +263 778 427 050



  1. Northern Cluster covering Mashonaland East, West and Central total members are 4000,

Farmer leader: Esnati Mutembedza




  1. Eastern Cluster covering Manicaland Province total members are 2000, male

Farmer leader: Norman Chibememe




Map to show membership distribution per district/province and main activities